Amazing Alaska Summer in Nome!

Did I mention I love Summers in Nome? Soooooo much!!!! They make my heart sing!

Arctic tern soaring:

Xtra Tufs on the tundra

I love these little whimsical tundra flowers. IMG_4480


We got super duper lucky and got ourselves a canoe off of nome announce–the Nome community bulletin board!IMG_4070

Eric, the visiting Pediatrician putting the canoe in the riverIMG_4079

Love being on the water. :)IMG_4081

And we went out fishing with a gill net to catch the salmon on their runs up the Nome River. IMG_4295



Checking the gillnet.IMG_4265IMG_4094IMG_4086


 My husband caught and filleted all these salmon!!!!



In the meantime, there is a little banjo-pickin’…IMG_4113

Uke-pickin’ and…


berry pickin’. :)IMG_4147


Music and fishing! Life doesn’t get much better than this!IMG_4117


9 thoughts on “Amazing Alaska Summer in Nome!

  1. if you squint and move your bed just so, pretend you are hot and not cold, and the turns are cockatoos… And the salmon are catfish or … Something… Kind of like the May River!

  2. Oh my goodness! Love all these happy posts. I’m so amazed at how many treasures you find on the beach. I wonder if seaglass and such washes up on the shores in Anchorage… I don’t think so, really, but maybe it’s just picked over. Yummy salmon! You know, everyone I know of who lived in or lives in Nome just seems to love it. I think there’s a really special community there!

    • Thanks, Mary Anne! :) Yes to everything you said. :) I have not gotten to explore the shores of Anchorage much, but I wonder? Yes, there is a really strong, warm, friendly community of people who look at for each other. It’s kind of the old-fashioned way of neighbors working together, and it’s easier to live a little more off the land here, which I love!!! <3 I feel lucky to have found Nome.

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