Alaskan Radio Broadcast

Today after work, I got to go hang out at our local radio station, KNOM, and share our “Alaskan Love Story.” I’m excited to announce that it will be part of a really neat Valentine’s Week series on Story 49 ~ among other Alaskan love stories ~ that will be broadcasted for a few days leading up to February 14th.

They do a fabulous job collecting local stories, reporting the news, playing great music and keeping the community connected, and it was heaps of fun talking with Kristin, the girl who interviewed us! For example, this is the story of my mechanic, Rolland Trowbridge, whose family sailed the Northwest Passage, and ended up in Nome! Fascinating, inspiring people!

So, now we will get to listen to our own love story on our 4th date on Valentines Day. :) haha!  and it will be available to listen to on the website once it airs. How lucky are we!?!


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  1. Remind me too!!! Do you have a wedding date yet?? My sister-in-law whose name is (Mary) Catherine DeAngelis has accepted the Radiology Manager position!!! SHe will go by Cathy as to not confuse everyone. :) I told her about the job opening as soon as I heard. She is wonderful and you will love her! You don’t know how much I miss Nome, my friends, my patients, etc. God put me here for now to take care of Mom! Hugs my friend!!!

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