A Real Day Off! Seaglass and Music.

No patients to round on today! I slept in super late (I’m kind of too ashamed to admit just how late, but it might have been well after 12noon). Then I went down to the beach. It was a gray, rainy day, but the beach is beautiful in any weather!seagulls

I was planning to go for a run on the beach, but then sea glass started catching my eye. So my beach adventure turned into a seaglass treasure hunt. And it was quite the rewarding day! My finds:


Lots of sea glass, sea pottery, pretty rocks, wood and shells.

I’m so glad that the beach is public property, and anyone can go down and enjoy the treasures. 🙂

Bering starfish:

little starfish

Baby starfish…beached with a broken leg! How can something so small and delicate survive here!? I threw it back in the water, because it felt like it was still alive.

Chilled and damp from the North wind bearing rain, I returned home, to my awesome roommate (for this month) making delicious warming baked sweet potato chunks seasoned with oregano and a salad. That and a hot shower were two more of my happinesses.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We then got ready for a music night–a songwriter’s showcase hosted at the Bering Sea Bar, where Nome’s talent came out of the woodwork. They put on a show with some amazingly gifted, creative musicians and writers! I can’t believe the caliber of musicians here, and I think if they put out a CD it would do incredibly well. Just a few of the artists:

Laura and Jeff

A couple of hoodlums got a hold of my camera: the Fosters II

Haha!…actually these two are both ridiculously talented musicians, who wrote and sang one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard! And you might recognize them from the first season of Bering Sea Gold (DIscovery channel).Ian and Scott (the Fosters)

Some of my favorite lyrics were in this song about not knowing where home is ~ because ‘home is where your heart is,’ but if you don’t know where your heart is, you’re not gonna find home, anyway…and finding home and your heart on the road. Those lyrics hit home! (whomp whomp) 🙂

Ian solo

Friends (family really)… a fun show! P1050749

Lovely ladies, lovely songs! IMG_3947

The ridiculously talented Hofstetters–mandolin and guitar duet. 🙂

the Hofstetters

Me and Wes, one of the flight medics–he picks up my patients for me from the hospital that need to go to Anchorage. (Thank you!)

Me and WesInspired by community and music~ another happiness for the day. 🙂

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