A Monday-like Tuesday

Had a super busy day. Today felt like the Monday that yesterday did not. First I couldn’t get out of bed this morning, and when I did it was dark and rainy-misty, and perfect weather for sleeping in. then I forgot my badge, but there was a pre-term labor medevac that needed to be sent and they were looking for a doc to go on the flight, so when I first arrived, I was trying to figure out clinic, communication and what needed to be done, badgeless. I didn’t end up going because there was another doc who could do it.

The most interesting part of my clinic was that about half of my patients this afternoon wanted to be seen first so that they could catch their flights back to their villages. I’ve never been in a position like this before, where lots of patients have to get to the airport, so they can go home! I felt bad, because my 3:45 came before 1pm, so he could get back to his village, but then the next 3 patients who also wanted to get to the village, got bumped, and ended up missing the flight out today. Ack! I haven’t dealt with these kinds of “clinic” issues before!

Also I had an onslaught of urgent care patients, that were really interesting and complicated (ie that take more time) today. I had a very unusual abscess to do an I&D (incision and drainage), 2 nosebleed follow-ups (one after snorting a line of cocaine). While hard drugs aren’t as common up here, I was told they do make their way into Nome from the outside world. The most common substances used are Marijuana and alcohol (often made as home-brew). I also saw an orbital fracture follow up from the ED (following a bar fight under intoxication), that I needed to talk with ENT (no maxillofacial surgeons here!). Any consult takes at least 5-10 minutes extra, just waiting on the phone to speak with a specialist. Then we also send records and images by tele-radiology (which is an awesome service to have!). Also had a baby with apneic (stopping breathing) events that can be scary, and a kid with holes in his ear drums, who lost his tubes and had tons of pus coming out of both ears (which, the Pediatrician told me, is quite common here). I called the Pediatrician for both of those cases. Then I had a bunch of more normal stuff, like pregnant ladies, lots of bronchitis (ain’t nobody got time for that!), and sore throats/upper respiratory infections…etc.

I dictated a couple notes. I’m slowly getting into this. It still takes longer to dictate than to write, but I’m forcing myself to do it with the hopes that it will eventually be quicker.

I left in a misty night rain. It was quite beautiful. The hospital lights glow with a halo. Time for  dinner and some chocolate!

Oh! and I forgot to post about this necklace that I also bought from the lady yesterday, because I’ve been wearing it since I bought it. 🙂 (It’s beads, but it looks like red coral):


5 thoughts on “A Monday-like Tuesday

  1. Hey cuz, been so involved with work and my house that I didn’t know you were in Alaska. Funny how every culture has their individual circumstances that make us step back and assess who we are.

    • Hey cuz!!! How are you?! Thanks for writing, and no worries~I’m the same way. 🙂 It’s so true and insightful, what you said! And when we take those opportunities to step back and assess, I think it makes for a better culture and people. I had a professor in medical school who emphasized the importance of reflection by asking the questions “Who am I?” “Where am I going?” and “Who (or what) am I becoming because of my actions?”

  2. Hi Shana! You are really doing full spectrum family medicine. How awesome! I like your writing style as it is very conversational. Thanks for sharing.

    • Awww, thanks Zoe! How are you? I love seeing your pics/glimpses into your life as well. Your community is lucky to have you as their doctor! 🙂 I’m really loving Family Medicine–it’s such a fun field! hope you and your lovely little family are well!
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  3. so interesting! I love your stories of the different patients! …that is crazy about the people needing to get on their plane back!
    why is it common that kids have more ear infections there?
    where is the pediatrician that you called? anchorage? how do you call? phone? skype? do they have access to all the chart? or you don’t have EMRs there yet, right? I thought that was a healthy people 2020 initiative? eventually?
    and I love that necklace!
    and you look beautiful! xo
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