7-Eleven Wedding!!!!

On 7.11.2015, I got to marry the love of my life and soulmate, and here are some of the
pictures*!!! See our Alaskan Love Story for the whole rest of the story. 🙂

We headed down to Moose Pass, just outside of Anchorage, so all of our out-of-state family and friends could come!

*A lot of these pictures were stolen from our wedding guests face books. 🙂 Thanks, guys!


My love getting ready to fly down to Alaska, bringing some of our camping supplies and wedding decorations. Holy moly, I love these boys!wedding_daveattempt - 2

Reunited in Anchorage! Our rehearsal. 🙂wedding_daveattempt - 3

The morning of our wedding in Moose Pass! This is Trail Lake.wedding_daveattempt - 4

Trail Lake nestled in the mountains. 11709745_10153049906621167_5706743295691182191_o

This gorgeous lady played the music and married us!11754875_10203310299836929_2566611840619285613_o

My mama and papa walking me up the aisle!!! I wore my mom’s dress that she made for her wedding! We had a vintage, rustic, old-fashioned, bohemian, Alaskan wedding full of love, laughter, imperfections, amazing family and friends and lots of Mama Nature’s beauty. 🙂wedding_daveattempt - 6

Saying our vows, in the sun showers. It was SUCH a gorgeous day!!!wedding_daveattempt - 7

I think this was sometime around the kiss… 🙂
wedding_daveattempt - 8

This guy makes me sooooo happy!
wedding_daveattempt - 9

Woohoooo!!! We done got married!wedding_daveattempt - 10

Signing the official papers. wedding_daveattempt - 11

wedding_daveattempt - 12

Married by this gorgeous lady…wedding_daveattempt - 13

…and this guy, the Fireball. 🙂wedding_daveattempt - 21

Some of our sister photoswedding_daveattempt - 14

Father-daughter dance! This was so much fun. My dad and I had to practice, because he doesn’t really dance much. But then he got so into it and started doing the two-step and all these fancy moves, and I couldn’t keep up!!!! 🙂 One of my favorite memories from the day. 11745591_10153049901496167_3783404829303304873_n

Some of my good friends from medical school. 🙂wedding_daveattempt - 15

and some of my good friends from PNG.wedding_daveattempt - 16

And our Nomies:

11713658_10153049901431167_1588686357981481573_oAwesome friends!11728744_10153049908326167_5249228548328541572_oOur toasts. wedding_daveattempt - 17

My nephews LOVED the floatplane. they were so adorable in their little suspenders. 🙂 <3 11140746_10153049906141167_2674621781913833671_oThe first look~when Dave first saw me on the dock!wedding_daveattempt - 18

Mr. and Mrs. Padvorac!!!!!!!! My amazing husband’s blog post about this. It’s a great read!!!!
wedding_daveattempt - 19

Our wedding garb. 🙂wedding_daveattempt - 20

My awesome in-laws, and my husband, and his pipe. 🙂11754429_10203310281116461_3354652736949235705_o

wedding_daveattempt - 22

Our amazing photographer, Lauren, of Beauty Board Media, took some gorgeous photos!wedding_daveattempt - 23

First dance as husband and wife!wedding_daveattempt - 24


We made our exit on a float plane11696026_10153139907989195_7747620761186603123_n

into the late night sun, 11737963_10153139908039195_4699655818055455131_nand ended up here… at Cooper Landing.

wedding_daveattempt - 26

Our photographer took these most amazing shots in this magical setting!wedding_daveattempt - 27

wedding_daveattempt - 28

wedding_daveattempt - 29

After the session, we drove back with Laurenwedding_daveattempt - 25

Sitting wet and freezing on her lap on the way back!wedding_daveattempt - 30

We went to a lovely cabin for our wedding night.


And the next day we came back to hang out with some of our guests and family! It was sooooo lovely!!!wedding_daveattempt - 32

wedding_daveattempt - 31

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